Insights: How Villeroy & Boch uses Social Media

By |March 31st, 2016|Guests|

Around three billion people worldwide are online — and every day, one in two of them uses Facebook, one in three uses YouTube and one in eight uses Instagram. Social media channels are booming. And they provide an excellent platform for companies, brands and products to present themselves. For Villeroy & Boch, the social [...]

Blogger Outreach – How NOT to mess it up

By |December 18th, 2012|Guests|

Presuming that you’re not working for a multi-national that spends millions of marketing dollars or that you crawled out of your mother’s womb with a silver spoon, you would outreach to bloggers – like real men do; aka using the conventional methods of building relationships (vs. organizing a pitch via a super expensive PR agency or a blogger outreach tool). Now that we know what we want i.e. the blogger’s attention, the question is to figure out the how. Or wait, the question is to figure out the who. Or wait, the question is to figure out the when. Well, the right answer is – All the above. How to mess up your blogger outreach: Sending a mass email to a randomly bought email list Sending a mass email to an email list you created Sending a mass email to anyone, ever… EVER Telling the blogger that he/she looks hot in pictures Talking endlessly about your product (no matter how awesome you think it is) Long emails (studies show that long emails could potentially stop your heartbeat for 22 seconds) […]

Solving the Twitter-Instagram Issue with IFTTT

By |December 11th, 2012|Guests|

As you might have already found out, Twitter will no longer integrate with Instagram. After all, it seems that they have decided to include filters in their Twitter app, and ditch Instagram. It could be also because Instagram is owned by Facebook, even if there are different types of users on each of those social platforms, I don’t think they like helping each other out. Many Instagram users used to send photos to other social networks, like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter, but for the moment the connection between Instagram and Twitter is no longer working. […]