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9 things that make your Mobile Presence Fail

Marketers see lots of mobile websites and campaigns fail, still some of the marketers who first pointed at their colleagues make the same mistakes afterwards. It’s maybe because despite the fact that they know what they should do, they don’t give that much importance to mobile. But wait, we all know that mobile is one […]

Facebook introduced Pages Feed after criticism

After criticism from companies that their posts were not reaching the users as they should through the news feed, Facebook introduced yesterday a new feature called “Pages Feed”. The complains were not only coming from the companies which wanted to reach the fans they already acquired, but also from Facebook users who wanted to see […]

Facebook got greedy and it’s not stopping

Facebook, the most used platform by people but also by businesses to promote their brand, services and products. Some while ago things were simple, you did some great campaigns on Facebook, had great content which people liked, did some ads for new likers acquisition and everybody was happy. And by that I mean you reached […]