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Stop whining about your reach on Social Networks and Read this

As I always point out, social networks are businesses and they need to make money. They don’t want to make happy business that are using their free services, they want to make them a bit happy and get them to pay for services. But they still leave some open doors, which you, as a business, […]

More than a Presentation Resume of my professional life

One week ago I was looking again on my online CV and found out that it is very impersonal and very focused on my professional life and nothing else. In the classic CV’s, you can not extract information about how the person is or what his/her past looks like. Neither can you see how he/she […]

Online Campaign Plan – How it should look like

It is a bit hard to do an Online Campaign Plan without having a template in place which helps you to keep things in order and to see the big picture. I am one of the guys who wants to put all the details in a document when possible and even have a complete presentation […]

What is a workday without a bit of fun?

I was thinking today what a workday would look like without a bit of fun. I immediately had a repulsion to that, imagining some workers doing their jobs like machines and then getting home tired and with no mood doing anything else but sleeping. Hard work in moments which request this is necessary, let’s think […]