Guide: How to get your Business Online with Success

By | February 17th, 2016|How To's|

Where and how to start in the online space, that is what most business owners ask themselves when they are ready to get their business in the online sphere. The issue appears when they have bad consultants which come with ideas for campaigns or creation of accounts without even checking if the social sites are [...]

Creative Digital Marketing examples on YouTube

By | November 17th, 2012|Insights|

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon a very interesting YouTube channel, it is called “Show and Tell Europe”. The channel is managed by D&AD, an organization which is composed out of creative, design and advertising communities. From their point of view “D&AD exists to inform, educate and inspire those who work in and around the creative industries.” […]

The other side of digital progress, you have no more privacy

By | November 2nd, 2012|Insights|

You, yes you, you are the one I am talking to. I know everything about you, I know everyone you know, I know what you did your entire life, I know what you enjoy and what you hate. I know where you are now but I also know what you did several minutes ago, I know how much you walked, I know how much you drove your car, I know your favorite coffee, I know your favorite music, movies and books, I know where you live and work, I know where you parked your car, I know all your passwords, I know what you do for a living and I can definitely see you now and tell what you feel when reading this sentence. Continue to read, because I know you will like it. […]