The Right Way to Get in The Digital Space with Your Business

By |January 16th, 2013|Thoughts|

Where and how to start in the digital space, that is what most business owners ask themselves when they are ready to get their business in the digital sphere. The issue appears when they have bad consultants which come with ideas for campaigns or creation of accounts without even checking if the social sites are relevant for the business or what the background, current status and competition of the business is. Usually by making the mistake to start with campaigns and activities without background, business continue on that bad path and follow goals that are actually not relevant for them. Maybe just because they have a fear inside not to have started something and now accept that it was wrong. But it’s not the end of the world for those who already started bad, they have to stop doing what they do right away, look back, re-evaluate what they did wrong, remove all the activities and goals that are useless, keep the good ones, add others if necessary. So what has a business to look at when they want to get in the digital space? […]

Anatomy of Social Media Departments

By |October 24th, 2012|Thoughts|

Social Media Departments are a must for middle to large-scale companies today, but also small businesses started to do social media locally. If in some cases we have employees that do social media along with other daily tasks, in other cases we have very well-defined teams inside companies which are composed of 2 to 12 and more people. The department where social media should be in depends very much on how the company is organised. Generally we can look at 3 big departments where it could be located:  Marketing, Communications or stand alone. […]