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The Right Way to Get in The Digital Space with Your Business

Where and how to start in the digital space, that is what most business owners ask themselves when they are ready to get their business in the digital sphere. The issue appears when they have bad consultants which come with ideas for campaigns or creation of accounts without even checking if the social sites are […]

Get Mentions and Votes, because it’s benefic for your SEO

We all read articles and debates about if and how much Social Signals are affecting the rank on the SERP. Some while ago I wrote an article about why Social Media Optimization of your website is important to SEO where I emphasized that good SEO with optimizing your website for social and “getting valuable mentions/votes […]

Why Social Media Optimization is important to SEO nowadays

Search Engine companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing have seen an opportunity into using social media data to improve their ranking data and database. Some time ago Google tried a partnership with Twitter to show real-time tweets directly into the search results. The official partnership between them is now closed but Google is still using […]