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6 Tips on getting the best results with Instagram Videos for Brands

How should Instagram Videos look like, how long should they be, and what is the best format to get the best results. Those are some of the questions I will answer below about Instagram Videos.

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Stop whining about your reach on Social Networks and Read this

As I always point out, social networks are businesses and they need to make money. They don’t want to make happy business that are using their free services, they want to make them a bit happy and get them to pay for services. But they still leave some open doors, which you, as a business, can use to get to your already ‘acquired’ community (Fans/Followers).  It’s your job to find a way to get to your audiences on a regular basis, if paid or not, you have to find the right mix.  For finding the right mix you need experience and dedicate time into research on what works best.

But I won’t leave it like that, I will give you 5 tips where to start optimizing the outreach to your community.

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Videos can actually have a high impact on Facebook, contrary to belief

One thing that I hear often and have also seen in a few studies, is that it makes no sense to promote a Video on Facebook. It would only be a flop which would not get any engagement and make the users mad. Well, I can say it is so, in the most used way to share a video, but there is also the other way.

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‘At the end of the day you are an expert!’ – Comedy Sketch

I think this is one great Comedy Sketch about experts and how hard it is for them in the corporate world.

Everything is wrapped in a short meeting to put the base for a new project. The lack of minimum knowledge which the other participants show about the expert’s domain and their impossible visions about certain things, together with the bosses wish to close the deal, makes the Expert’s life a real hell.

Strange requirements, stupid solutions and incredible requests are pouring from the sky directly on him as there would be no roof above the meeting room. He’s the expert and ‘he knows it better’, but at the end of the day he should do it like the customer wants it, even if not possible. 😀

Did this happen to you? Or have you been in a meeting similar to this one?

I would say, believe in your Expert’s expertize!