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‘At the end of the day you are an expert!’ – Comedy Sketch

I think this is one great Comedy Sketch about experts and how hard it is for them in the corporate world.

Everything is wrapped in a short meeting to put the base for a new project. The lack of minimum knowledge which the other participants show about the expert’s domain and their impossible visions about certain things, together with the bosses wish to close the deal, makes the Expert’s life a real hell.

Strange requirements, stupid solutions and incredible requests are pouring from the sky directly on him as there would be no roof above the meeting room. He’s the expert and ‘he knows it better’, but at the end of the day he should do it like the customer wants it, even if not possible. :D

Did this happen to you? Or have you been in a meeting similar to this one?

I would say, believe in your Expert’s expertize!

Facebook simplifying Ads, Creation Process and Reports by adding Objectives

As always I was looking at my Facebook Business Account to see how the ads are running and saw that some things have changed.

facebook ads with objectives

In June Facebook announced that it will remove some of the ads types and that some of them will be merged. The announcement was also about the Page Post Like, Page Post Comment and Page Post Sponsored Story which would become a single type of ad.
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Few million facebook fans, but do they reflect the brand target group?

This is a question which I have put myself today. Are these brands that have few million fans, lying to themselves? Are those fans really from their target group and target countries? Should we really look up to them?

million facebook fans

I’ve seen many companies and talked to a lot of social media managers, mostly they start good. They do good content, they target people who are really customers and possible customers. But at one moment in time they fall into a trap, someone from the upper management or even they want to see the brand having millions of fans and a lot of engagement with the smallest possible investment. Why? To be the brand who has the most “Fans” or at least, be between the big ones in their industry, a race that brings them nowhere but makes them feel good. It’s actually because people want more and more, they are never pleased with what they have.
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Bit.ly , Brands, Competitors and Open Data

It’s an old story and it’s definitely here to stay. Companies are using Bit.ly on Social Networks for the shortening service and for tracking who and from where they are coming. But is it safe?

bitly, brands, competitors opendata

A bit to the story background and how I decided to write this. In the meantime I moved to Germany and I didn’t take my old Tchibo coffeemaker with me, so I had to buy another one. It’s the same machine, just that it has an awesomer color. It’s Metal Orange. Read the rest of this entry »