Experienced Online Marketer spiced with Social Media

Me about myself

Rudi Bedy In the past years I acquired a solid understanding of Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing through different Positions and Projects.

My experiences are across multiple online marketing departments where I always focused on integrating all the Channels and give the right user experience.

Online marketing campaigns, Website optimization, community management and development, social media marketing, digital marketing, blogging, online communications, event management and crisis situation management are just some of the themes that have preoccupied me over the years.

Knowing how different online marketing faculties work and fit together, gives me the overall picture. Through that, I can always choose the right strategy and tactics to successfully reach the business goals.

Working in Global Companies in the past years, gave me an insight into how users behave based on countries, regions and continents. Based on this, I can down-size global strategies to local ones for a higher impact.

The multi-cultural working environment which I enjoyed from the beginning, has made me to develop the right skills to motivate and lead a team from different countries and cultures.

My Experience

Head of Social Media Marketing

Villeroy & Boch, July 2013 – Present

  • * Further development and implementation of the group’s social media strategy in coordination with the business divisions and corporate communications
  • * Integration of social media in the (digital) communications strategy and campaigns to reinforce the brand and as lead generation
  • * Strategy and support for an international rollout in the country subsidiaries
  • * Overall responsibility for dialogue measures and editorial planning of all central social media activities
  • * Further development of the current social media channels to improve interaction with the target groups (B2B / B2C) and identification, preparation and development of the relevant channels and platforms including mobile
  • * Project management KPI development and the corresponding results-oriented activity planning as well as budget, controlling and timing
  • * Social media monitoring and reporting: analysis, reports, interpretation and optimisation
  • * Working as a member of and management of national, international and interdisciplinary project teams
  • * Consultation for and training of the business divisions and subsidiaries and HR
  • * Management of the Community Manager and other trainees and interns

Global Social Media Manager

Bitdefender, August 2011 – June 2013 (1 year 11 months)

  • * Defining, Implementation and Monitoring of the overall Social Media Strategy for achieving the objectives.
  • * Development and Implementation of Global Social Media Marketing initiatives and Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • * Development and management of Global and Local Social Media team members
  • * Strategic partnership and business development regarding social media products.
  • * Working with interactive media companies and agencies.
  • * Collaborating with the B2C/B2B marketing and communication departments (Product Marketing manager, Marketing Manager, Online Marketing, Global PR coordinators and Content Coordinators) and making sure that the marketing messages are correctly used in the social media communication and that the campaigns are aligned with the product objectives.

Bitdefender is the creator of award-winning, internationally certified Internet Security and Antivirus software.

Social Media Manager

BitDefender, January 2010 – August 2011 (1 year 8 months)

  • * Developing Social Media Projects/Campaigns and implementing them at global and local level for different POPs (regions/countries). Consultant of the local PRs on Online Projects, SEO, SEM and Social Media/Web 2.0/New Media projects and E-mail Marketing.
  • * Development and implementation of integrated marketing campaigns
  • * Responsible for all press center on the BitDefender websites
  • * Trainer for new Social Media employees.
  • * Developing and managing new online marketing projects.
  • * Part of the crisis situation team.
  • * Project Manager MalwareCity.com (re-branding,re-designing,maintaining,SEO,SEM, analyzing the website with specific tools to optimize the website and content for better positioning in Search Engines, creating partnerships with other sites, localizing the website in French, Spanish, Romanian and other languages, Social Media/Web 2.0 tactics)

Digital Marketing/Social Media Coordinator

BitDefender, June 2008 – January 2010 (1 year 8 months)

  • * Creating, updating and maintaining parts of the BitDefender websites, blogs and forums. Implementation of Google Analytics on websites and SM projects. SEO, SEM and Webmaster Tools (Google).
  • * Creation and maintenance of accounts on social media sites BitDefender (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and others) and content websites.
  • * Creation and maintenance of YouTube channels, creating videos. Including product presentation videos.
  • * Finding new online ways and contacts to promote the products (US/RO/DE/WW)
  • * Supporting all marketing activities with Social Media tactics
  • * Partnerships with different websites to promote the products
  • * Translation of documents from German into Romanian
  • * Project Manager for a series of Social Media projects: “Knock Knock” joke campaign, “Superheroes are so overrated” presentation movie, other video projects (http://www.youtube.com/user/BitDefenderVideos, http://www.youtube.com/user/BitDefenderWorld)
  • * Project Manager for MalwareCity.com
  • * Trainer and co-manager of the activities of a Internship project about Social Media

Viral Marketing Coordinator

BitDefender, September 2007 – June 2008 (10 months)

  • * Supporting on-line response in critical situations
  • * Developing and implementing viral campaigns
  • * Conducting Online Marketing research studies
  • * Maintaining and promoting the Bitdefender forum.
  • * Finding new online ways to promote the products (US/RO/DE/WW)
  • * Product Support on other forums (Home Users/Corporate)
  • * Project Manager of the BitDefender Security Portal (www.malwarecity.com - Blog, News, Dictionary)
  • * Promoting of the online products and negotiating integration in third party websites
  • * Promoting the HR Campaigns on Web 2.0/ New Media platforms
  • * Supporting all Online Marketing campaigns with Social Media

E-marketing Specialist

BitDefender, October 2006 – September 2007 (1 year)

  • * Creating, promoting, maintaining the BitDefender Forum (forum.bitdefender.com)
  • * Finding new contacts for online collaboration.
  • * Creating and maintaining an Unofficial Blog
  • * Product Support on other forums (Home Users/Corporate)
  • * Translating documents from German into Romanian
  • * Collecting feedback regarding the products and reporting to PMs
  • * Analyzing the market and reporting
  • * Creating and maintaining YouTube channels, creating videos
  • * Planning and coordinating the Anti Software Piracy program

Languages known

Full professional proficiency

Full professional proficiency

Native or bilingual proficiency

Skills and Expertise cloud

Social Media Marketing,
Online Marketing, Online Communications, Community Relations,
Strategy Development, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Monitoring, Blog Marketing,
Blogger Outreach, Brand Awareness, Sentiment Analysis, Digital Marketing, Viral Marketing, Social Media Strategy, SEO,
SEM, SMO, Social Media, Community Outreach, Blogger,
Crisis Communications, Crisis Management
Facebook Marketing

My Education

Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing), 2009 - 2012

Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti

Business Administration in Foreign Languages (German)

Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti

Liceul Bilingv Decebal

Humanities and French

People who recommend me

“It's a pleasure to work with Rudi. He is a highly innovative, effective and experienced social media evangelist. In his role at Villeroy & Boch he has a keen focus on the consumer needs and a superb ability to manage social media complexity while using analysis insights and specific technique. Rudi is also a great team player, always bringing out the best of his colleagues.”

Andre May, Head of E-Commerce & Online Marketing - International Tableware Division, Villeroy & Boch, works with Rudi Bedy at Villeroy & Boch

“Rudi is successfully managing all international social media activities at Villeroy & Boch. He is driving innovation and thereby constantly overachieving the goals with his team. It's a pleasure to work with Rudi on customer oriented big data marketing.”

Dr. Marc Wagner, Data Mining Manager, Villeroy & Boch, works with Rudi Bedy at Villeroy & Boch

“During my time in Rudi's team we developed several social media campaigns which fulfil their targets by far. Rudi is always very passionate and enthusiastic in his projects. He has an excellent know-how about different social media channels and always good advices for his colleagues.”

Sebastian Adams, Product Manager Bathroom Furniture, Villeroy & Boch, reported to Rudi Bedy at Villeroy & Boch

“Working with Rudy is a constant surprise for me, a pleasant one. Highly responsive to any creative challenge, passionate about his job and social media ongoing developments. He is always looking for improvement, proving to be a great leadership and a skillful team manager.”

Mihai - Octavian Giulvezan, Global Consumer Campaign Manager, BitDefender, worked with Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"Rudi has been working on the Bitdefender Social Media Marketing team from the beginning and has accomplished great achievements, given his passion for this domain. Together with his team he has created social media campaigns with significant impact, which overachieved the objectives initially set by the company. He has also focused on educating the people through social media about the dangers of the internet and how they can stay safe. A clear strategy with detailed tactics to achieve the objectives is a must for Rudi. If you need a tip on what to do on Social Media, he is the guy to ask."

Kathryn Schwab, North American Marketing & Global PR, Bitdefender Enterprise, worked with Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"With a thorough social media experience, Rudi is a very skilled Social Media Manager that encourages and promotes novelty in his work. Having a deep understanding of social media communication and mechanisms, Rudi is spontaneous and always prepared for new opportunities, which explains his constant overachievement of KPIs and objectives. His people skills and sense of humor are major assets when it comes to coordinating team members and creating new strategies. It's always real pleasure to work with Rudi."

Alexandru Constantinescu, RO/MD Social Media Manager, Bitdefender, reported to Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"Rudi is focused on results and has both the strategic vision and the attention to key details. He's a good communicator and an excellent problem-solver, and it all adds up to an excellent partner to work with."

Ionut Oprea, Manager, STANDOUT, was a consultant or contractor to Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"Social Media has been/continues to be an integral component in the brand growth and penetration of Bitdefender in the North American market. It is an ideal venue for customers and potential customers to understand the latest threats and how to stay protected on their terms. It helps customers to understand why Bitdefender continues to be the winningest antivirus company in the industry. Rudi and his team has deftly managed this tremendous responsibility. With a deep understanding of the platforms, their advantages, how, where and when to utilize and through creative applications, social media has carved its critical niche in our marketing strategy and very advantageously - cost effectively. Rudi has helped to do something very difficult for any software company - add a 'social' nature."

Marc Narine, Consumer Marketing Director, North America, BitDefender, worked with Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"If you are looking for a person with strong knowledge in the Social Media environment and at the same time a very good project manager then Rudy is the right person to work with. Therefore I would recommend him as a reliable and trustworthy professional."

Ciprian Stefan Istrate, Director of Consumer Product Marketing and Branding, BitDefender, managed Rudi Bedy indirectly at Bitdefender

"If you want to know about Social Media, and specifically how to leverage your business than you need to talk to Rudi. His creativity and knowledge is unbelievable. He has a great instinct about managing staff and helping each individual grow. Rudi is a fantastic business partner. He does what he says he is going to do, on time or ahead of time. He is customer-focused, professional, and a pleasure to work with."

Gabriel Chitu, Global Partner Training Manager, Bitdefender, worked with Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"Rudy has huge understanding and experience in his area of competence. His passion for Social Media platforms and Online communication present in everything he does. I had opportunity to work with Rudy during my activity as Retention Programs Manager and if somebody has ask me to say three words about Rudy without any doubts ,I would say : creative, involved and motivated."

Felix Craciun, Retention Programs Manager, Bitdefender, worked with Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"More than a colleague, Rudi has been a friend. His focus on creativity and perfection brings out the best in people. Besides being the guru of social media, Rudi has an amazing sense of humor which instantly makes him a favorite. He envisions for the far future and has the capability to scale his vision down to day to day activities. I highly recommend Rudi as an excellent team player and strategist for Social Media. I wish him good luck in all his endevours."

Abdur Rehman, Marketing Manager - India, BitDefender, reported to Rudi Bedy at Bitdefender

"Rudi is what i call a dynamic online community manager. He understands the principals of engaging people via online channels of communication. I had the pleasure to manage Rudi for years and we developed together great projects that were instrumental to community development and brand awareness to BitDefender. I am looking forward to seeing more great things accomplished by Rudi."

Vitor Souza, Global Communications Director, BitDefender, managed Rudi Bedy at BitDefender

"Rudi is a genuine social media specialist with an excelent knowledge of communities development and management. He initiated, developed and succesfully managed a global social community project for BitDefender. Rudi has a lot of energy, passion and determination to set things on the right track."

Carmen Capitanescu, Marketing Manager Romania,BitDefender, managed Rudi Bedy indirectly at BitDefender

"Rudi has been instrumental in BitDefender's social media efforts over the last 3 years, helping to develop malwarecity.com into one of the top sites for the anti-malware press and community. He has asolid understanding of and ability to execute social media and online programs and is a hard worker and dedicated employee. Rudi has great potential and a promising future in social media and he would be an asset to any company wanting to develop their social media strategy and team."

Beau Roberts, Global Marketing Director, BitDefender Inc., managed Rudi Bedy indirectly at BitDefender

"It's been a pleasure to work with Rudi over the past two years. Rudi always maintains the utmost professionalism and has been key in creating effective multichannel communications for BitDefender utilizing Malware City, YouTube channels and other social media properties, all of which he has expertly managed. Rudi has been an asset to BitDefender as I am sure he will continue to be, either here or at any organization in the future."

Cristina Habersetzer, Public Relations Manager, North America, BitDefender, worked directly with Rudi Bedy at BitDefender

"Rudi is deeply involved with Social Media as a channel of communication between the company and the customer. His passion for social media is matched by in-depth knowledge of web technologies, which he demonstrates on a daily basis as senior administrator of Malware City."

Bogdan Botezatu, Senior Communication Specialist, BitDefender, worked directly with Rudi Bedy at BitDefender

"Rudi Gabriel has great knowledge in e-commerce, web sales and marketing and social media. It is great working with him over the past three years and he was always a trust worthy colleague. His support helped the German subsidiary of BitDefender to drive business and to achieve extremely positive feedback from customers and the market. Thank you Rudy for working with us. Best regards, Harald Philipp"

Harald Philipp, Managing Director, BitDefender GmbH, managed Rudi Bedy indirectly at BitDefender

"Rudi is a very creative & innovative Social Media professional. On multiple occasions he proved to be a very good project manager, balancing everything the right way to keep major projects on track."

Alexandru Antihi, Marketing Project Manager, BitDefender, worked with Rudi Bedy at BitDefender

"Rudi is an outstanding professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in social media marketing and relationship development. Rudi has done an incredible job in growing one of BitDefenders most successful social communities (Malware City) and has succeeded in setting a president for quality and excellence. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with Rudi and I am honored to endorse a person with such an outstanding work ethic and bright future."

Placide Saul Severe, Global Social Media Manager, BitDefender, managed Rudi Bedy at BitDefender