How should Instagram Videos look like, how long should they be, and what is the best format to get the best results. Those are some of the questions I will answer below about Instagram Videos.


1. Video Format:

Videos on Instagram are in a square format (640×640), so make sure you are filming the Video with that in mind. Most Brand videos are usually filmed for Youtube or TV, so we have a wide video format, if you try to trim it to a square format, you could miss a lot of details from the video. Sometimes it might also not be possible to run the Videos filmed for YouTube on Instagram, just because the video wouldn’t make sense in the other format.

2. Length:

The best videos on Instagram are the short ones, which are not more than 10 seconds long. The first 10 seconds tend to have the most impact on Ad Recall, Brand Awareness and Purchase intent.

3. Message:

Try to get your message out in the first 3 seconds, that is what most users will see from your video. The message could be a hashtag, your brand/collection name or a call to action.

4. Sound:

Because Videos on Facebook and Instagram also play without sound, make sure the Video transmits your message even if users watches it without sound. Both platforms are very used on mobile devices, and sometimes it’s not possible to have the sound on. On Instagram, Videos also play automatically without sound.

5. Campaign:

Do Branding campaigns before Performance campaigns in the same target group. Some reports say the conversion rates in that case are with 50% more than without the a previous Branding campaign.

6. Cinemagraphs:

Cinemagraphs work exceptionally well on Instagram. Cinemagraphs are still photos with a subtle motion in them. Here are some examples:

The crispy bacon (Cinemagraph source Vickan Flickan)


The Infinite Coke (Cinemagraph source: Superwhite)

cocacola cinemagraph

Cinemagraph from a Caffe in the City (Cinemagraph Source: From Me To You)
cinemagraph city

Glitter Shoes:

cinemagraph shoes

So, what are your experiences with Instagram Videos and Facebook Videos? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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