As always I was looking at my Facebook Business Account to see how the ads are running and saw that some things have changed.

facebook ads with objectives
In June Facebook announced that it will remove some of the ads types and that some of them will be merged. The announcement was also about the Page Post Like, Page Post Comment and Page Post Sponsored Story which would become a single type of ad.

New Facebook Sponsored Ad

Other functions like the redundant Questions product for Pages or the Online Offer function have been eliminated or are in process to be eliminated.

Facebook tries to make the advertising on the platform simple for the majority of business that don’t have so much experience with it. With the new changes they target mainly Small Businesses who want to do their ads by themselves or don’t afford to pay an agency to run the campaigns.

Facebook Ads Basic

The first change they made in the ad creation tool is setting up a new start point where advertisers start by choosing  their Objective:

Facebook Ads Objective

By choosing the Clicks to Website Objectives it goes further to the customization of the Ad.  First step is to insert the basics: headline, text and image.

Step1. Basic FacebookAdCustomize

Second step is to choose where the ad shoould appear: on the news feed, on the right column or on both. To show the ad in the News Feed, you have to connect your page to the ad, else it won’t work. This is because: “Everything that shows in News Feed needs to come from something on Facebook (ex: a person or a Page). Your ad will still link to your website, but in News Feed it will show as coming from your Facebook Page.” says Facebook.

Advertising Location Facebook

The third step where it’s all about targeting didn’t change that much. The only thing changed is how the targeting options are displayed, like the new buttons on the bottom to activate further targeting options. Regarding the Custom Audiences, they will show here and can be used. To create new Custom Audiences your still have to use the Power Editor.

Facebook Ads Targeting Custom Audiences

On the Campaign, Pricing and Schedule side everything is the same, nothing changed.

Campaign Pricing and Schedule

For Promoted Post everything seems to be like it was, nothing new.  There is something interesting but not quite new in the Page Like, App Installs and App Engagement Objective sections, you can select up to 6 image variants to be used with one text. It automatically creates 6 different ads in your Campaign. This should make your life easier when creating different versions of ads to give Facebook a chance to pick the best one to run and optimize your ROI. Best is to have more ads in a campaign than less because Facebook is picking the best performing one to push more.

Facebook Ads image versions

Facebook Ads Power Editor

The new Objectives have also been implemented in the Facebook Ads PowerEditor. You can see below on the left the old version and on the right the new one:

Ad Types Facebook AdsObjectives Facebook Ads

Comparing the PowerEditor Objectives to the Simple Editor’s Objectives, I saw that there is a possibility to choose between Mobile or Desktop users when selecting App Installs.

Facebook Ads Reports

New in the Campaign Overview area is the data splitting and the new Results (Objective) and “Cost per” columns.


There is also a bit of change inside each Campaign. The Overview and the Graph are based on the first set Objective and is easy to understand.

Facebook Report ads

If there are multiple Objectives set in one Campaign, the graph will show Page Engagements, Post Engagements and Page likes.

Facebook Ads Report


I think the platform will develop its Ads management tool further to help SMBs, they are now on a rant to get the small businesses use the ads and understand how the ads could help their businesses grow.

What did you find new in the platform and what do you think about these changes?