There was a hype when Facebook launched Global Brand Pages, everyone wanted them. The question is how many can afford having them? It is never about making something just for the sake of helping the brands, it is about getting the brand make more expenses with Facebook.

Some of the brands which had the budgets to cover the requirements for this program are:

Of course there are also other Brands, but I don’t think I need to mention all of those. I wonder what pages that you manage, got the Global Brand Pages structure.

So what does the Global Brand Page structure do and how does it help?

The new Global Brand Page structure helps brands who have many local pages and a global one, to have everything in one place easily accessible and clear. The pages which are not part of the Global Brand Pages structure are managed separately, updated separately and the data about them is collected from few places which makes the work harder. Brands have made tabs with their local pages in the global page to direct people from specific regions to the right regional page.

This new structure helps brands by combining Likes and “People Talking About This” counts across local pages but in the same time will give brands the opportunity to have for each individual local page a custom profile image, post language, cover photos and of course application tabs customized for that region. Users will be directed automatically to the page which is specifically for their region, but they have the option to change to any other pages they would like to see.

Another great thing brands get with the new Global Brand Page structure is the existence of only one URL for the Facebook network. Not to forget that you have all the Page Insights in one place.

What do you need to get the Facebook Global Brand Pages structure?

Obviously, this is not for everybody. Companies which opt-in for this new feature have to be big and they have to see in Facebook a great business opportunity. Before even thinking about this you need to see if you have the human resources to keep such a page network up and updated. If not, I recommend staying just with one global/local page.

If you manage a global brand which needs local pages, which is locally engaged and which has a good budget for Facebook ads then this is for you. As I said in the article Facebook got greedy and it’s not stopping , a minimum budget for reaching 100.000 – 200.000 Facebook fans with 3 articles per day, totals about 210.000 $ per year. This is not covering the requirement to get Facebook Global Pages structure.

The requirements to get the Global Brand Pages structure according to Facebook are:

  1. A very strong brand
  2. Several regional Brand Pages and a global one
  3. 20.000$ minimum spending on advertising per month
  4. An account manager in the Corporate Facebook Office in Dublin

Not many companies are pushing that lot of money on a monthly basis in Facebook, but if you do afford it and need it, then get the Global Brand Pages. You can get started by talking to your Facebook Account Manager or by applying trough their article on this “Announcing a New Pages Structure for Global Brands“.

You made to many local pages and you can’t manage them?

Well, this things happen some time. If you created to many local pages you can’t manage anymore and they have gotten a certain amount of likers, then the world is not over. I recommend merging the local pages into your global page. This can be done through your Facebook Account Manager. The minimum Facebook ads daily spend for this would be 40$.

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