One week ago I was looking again on my online CV and found out that it is very impersonal and very focused on my professional life and nothing else. In the classic CV’s, you can not extract information about how the person is or what his/her past looks like. Neither can you see how he/she sees things. For a recruiter, getting a CV is just another paper in a pile, boring resumes which he has to look over and select.

But what if one of the Resume’s has something special, a story behind the person who sent the résumé and what he is looking for? Maybe the recruiter can relate to you and better see if you fit the company style.

So I started working on a presentation resume, more focused on my personal past, current and future. The presentation resume is something that I feel should be added to your application together with the professional CV. Some may ignore it, but some may really like it.

Did you do a presentation resume? What did you include in it? Can you share it in a comment with us?

If you want to find out more about my professional life, check out my CV in English or German.