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Free real-time brand monitoring with Google Alerts and a Feed Reader

There are lots and lots of tools with which you can monitor your brand, paid and free. Google Alerts mixed with a Feed Reader or e-mail notifications is one of the oldest methods I use and it is still a very good one. It is good because it’s using Google data directly and in real-time. [...]

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Visual map of top twitter discussions in your region

Twitter is one of the most used real-time discussion platform out there, sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of things and know what exactly people are talking about most, in a region or another. A visual map of the most discussed things on twitter can help discovering new topics in your region but also [...]

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How To: Understand, Set Up, Recycle Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is used by many companies to promote their Facebook Page, Posts, Events, Apps and product/services websites. Facebook is trying to give advertisers a lot of room to customize the ads and precisely target people who are interested. It is very important to have an objective before starting the ads, depending on that, you [...]

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