Today I started to check out the viral car commercials which I may have missed because of other stuff I had to do. So I thought, why not share with others who can’t spend a lot of time searching for new virals.

One of my colleagues in high-school had a cabrio, in full winter he thought it would be cool to drift with the top down. His head has frozen, but he still thought it was cool. And why do I tell you about my colleague’s frozen head?

Viral Car Videos

Because Volkswagen Beetle has a new interesting ad about cabriolets and masks:


Right, there are also other cabrio’s worth talking about in this post, like the Fiat 500 Abarth. If the car can be topless, then the supermodel can be too. So bad they banned this commercial:


Continuing with the topless cars, we have to take the Citroën  DS3 Cabrio’s ad also into consideration.  How often do you see a a blond child with incredible long hair riding a white horse on the beach? Not so often. Seriously, check it out, you don’t want your friends talking about this and you having no clue about what they talk.

To keep this in the spirit of cool car commercials, let’s check out this VW commercial from the Netherlands. After smoking some weed over there in Amsterdam, some things may become real. Watch this dog owner’s experience with his incredibly special dog.

Not so new, but one of the cool and successful virals which ran during the Superbowl in 2012 is: The Force – Volkswagen Passat. This kid really thought he has the power.

Audi R8 is a sports luxury car, people want it. What do you prefer, a Rolls-Royce or a R8? Well, Audi R8 is here to help you take the decision easier.

There is a series called Un-PIMP my car, of course made by VW for the GTI. I enjoyed the original German accent.

and the second one.

I think I’ve missed some videos which are really cool. I want to see them, so please leave me a comment with your favorite car commercial or any other viral commercial.