I was thinking today what a workday would look like without a bit of fun. I immediately had a repulsion to that, imagining some workers doing their jobs like machines and then getting home tired and with no mood doing anything else but sleeping. Hard work in moments which request this is necessary, let’s think about product launches and short deadlines. You do it, but not every day.

Today is Sunday and tomorrow is the first day at the new office, we moved. The city didn’t change, just that it is more central and closer to my home. Instead of doing a 40 minutes drive, it gets to a maximum of 13 minutes.

It’s like changing the job, I mean the moving to another office. People are hard to find, the route to the work is changed, finding parking places is a real hunt and so on.

The first thing that you should do when hired in a new place is to get to know people and where to find them, but don’t just look at your team, get interdepartmental.  You can find great people everywhere, even in the departments where you think you’ll never find someone friendly (you know what departments I mean). Everything depends on you and your attitude to those people and their work.

In our Social Media Team, besides having data to be interpreted, customers to be chilled down and campaigns to be made we are always maintaining a fun atmosphere. What this means? Having jokes passed around, some funny videos, making some internal events, getting out to a beer once in a while, having some discussions about what other companies are doing and not only from the industry, and so on.

The last day at the old office we did a photo session, each one saying how they feel about the move, so I said:


Always look forward for the new challenges and don’t forget to be fun!

How are you keeping the atmosphere positive in your office or team?