Several weeks ago I stumbled upon a very interesting YouTube channel, it is called “Show and Tell Europe“. The channel is managed by D&AD, an organization which is composed out of creative, design and advertising communities. From their point of view “D&AD exists to inform, educate and inspire those who work in and around the creative industries.

I decided to write this post because of the number of examples they have on creative digital marketing campaigns. Some of the videos went viral, but I haven’t heard of them till I’ve got on this YouTube channel, that means you will definitely spend some time over there. The menus of this channel help you find what you want to see, you can filter Viral Hits by Industry or even by the type of the videos, you can see the most creative brand channel, interactive YouTube channels and even examples of campaigns ran on websites which had an interactive part. The agencies which worked on the projects are displayed below each video.

One of the campaigns which I really enjoyed was the one from K-Swiss. Their campaign was called “Kenny Powers MFCEO”, I think you can guess what “MF” stands for, if not, you will after watching the first seconds of the video. The video is very funny, it makes you search and watch other videos from K-Swiss.

The second video is from a fictional Press Conference with Kenny Powers as he launches the new K-Swiss Blades.

Leaving the video category from “Show&Tell Europe” you get to see some very interactive YouTube channels. A great example is the Nexus Contraption campaign, where you have to build your own phone by playing the game. It can take some of your time if you get stuck in the game.

The examples can continue, but I rather leave you check out the other creative marketing campaigns.

What is your preferred creative marketing campaign? Can you share the link with us in a comment?

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