Amazon is slowly and silently launching it’s new service which aims at combining Social Media with E-commerce. The new service will facilitate brands to have a more interactive store on Amazon and integrate with already established social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. At this moment it is unknown if they will also integrate with Pinterest,  but I feel this would be a high revenue driver for several industries which are based on aesthetic products.

One of the companies which already use Amazon Pages is Lipton, the Tea brand.

Amazon currently offers 3 major products for brands: Amazon Pages, Amazon Posts and Amazon Analytics. Amazon Marketing Services offers 3 types of theme layouts for Amazon Pages: “Posts only”, “Posts with Merchandising” and “All Products”.

By having an Amazon Page your company automatically get’s a special link which is easy to remember and easy to type in for your possible customers. The link will look like this:

The interesting thing in this story is the Posts Feature. It gives brands, businesses and people the ability to update the page like any other social network and thus gain engagement from customers. With this new feature, you can post updates directly on your Amazon Page and Facebook Page at once, you can schedule posts to cover different time zones and you have the ability to add pictures to your posts. Amazon is also giving you the possibility to add sharing buttons from Twitter and Facebook.

Amazon Analytics will let you understand the impact of your social actions on the sales.

I also recommend to go over the User Guide for Amazon Marketing Services, to learn about the new service.

The service from Amazon is not as complete as one would have expected. They have more to develop especially in terms of integration with social networks, content management and the possibility to comment directly on the Amazon Brand Pages. Thumbs up for them, I hope they will do it right.


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