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Digital Marketing Jobs in Germany?

Many of the Marketers don’t have a need to stay in a specific region or country, so they are quite flexible into moving when it comes to their career. And by landing here, you are most probably looking for a new Job opportunity in Germany. The title says it, you have been looking for Jobportal [...]

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More than a Presentation Resume of my professional life

One week ago I was looking again on my online CV and found out that it is very impersonal and very focused on my professional life and nothing else. In the classic CV’s, you can not extract information about how the person is or what his/her past looks like. Neither can you see how he/she [...]

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15 tools that may come in handy in your online life

In time, I’ve came across many tools which I found very good or at least interesting because they were covering things that the popular tools didn’t.  Some of the tools are for Web Analytics, some are for Social Media Monitoring, some are for website improvements and some are just for fun.     Let’s get [...]

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Online Campaign Plan Template – All that you need

It is a bit hard to do an Online Campaign Plan without having a template in place which helps you to keep things in order and to see the big picture. I am one of the guys who wants to put all the details in a document when possible and even have a complete presentation [...]

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