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What is a workday without a bit of fun?

I was thinking today what a workday would look like without a bit of fun. I immediately had a repulsion to that, imagining some workers doing their jobs like machines and then getting home tired and with no mood doing anything else but sleeping. Hard work in moments which request this is necessary, let’s think [...]

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Viral Car Commercials You May Have Missed

Today I started to check out the viral car commercials which I may have missed because of other stuff I had to do. So I thought, why not share with others who can’t spend a lot of time searching for new virals. One of my colleagues in high-school had a cabrio, in full winter he [...]

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3 Simple Twitter Contest Mechanisms

There are many types of contests you can run for your brand on twitter, the important thing is to choose the one which fits your company objectives for twitter best. If twitter contests are part of you strategy be careful to and take the  twitter official guidelines for contests into consideration.   Below I’ve given [...]

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