As you might have already found out, Twitter will no longer integrate with Instagram. After all, it seems that they have decided to include filters in their Twitter app, and ditch Instagram. It could be also because Instagram is owned by Facebook, even if there are different types of users on each of those social platforms, I don’t think they like helping each other out.

Many Instagram users used to send photos to other social networks, like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter, but for the moment the connection between Instagram and Twitter is no longer working.

How to solve the Instagram-Twitter problem?

IFTTT is the tool that solves this problem, because it allows you to connect many major web services. Among those services, we find Instagram and Twitter.

To create a connection between the two services, get an IFTTT account, and then you can use one of my predefined settings called “recipe”, to se up the connection between the Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Get the Instagram to Twitter recipe

Moreover, you can create connections between various services to post your pictures on all your accounts, automatically. For example you can post Facebook images to Twitter or Tumblr, or post the liked images from Instagram to Twitter or Facebook. I recommend you to give IFTTT a little time, and it will make your life easier.


This is a guest post by Alex Constantinescu.

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The original article in Romanian, Cum trimiti automat pozele din Instagram in Twitter can be found on his personal blog.